Everything you need to know about your Castlemead bird

How old are Castlemead birds when they are processed?

Geese are around 6 months old when they are ready for processing, turkeys are typically around 5 months old, chickens vary from 10 to 12 weeks old.

This may seem like a short period compared to beef but it is all relative; chickens for example have reached full maturity and start laying at 16 weeks. At this stage the quality of the bird begins to decrease. We need to remember that broilers entering the wholesale chicken market-your standard chicken on the super shelves and indeed your local butchers are likely to be around 30 days old and low value Christmas turkeys around half the life of ours. 


What do Castlemead birds eat?

The birds have a varied diet of locally milled cereals, home grown barley and whatever they can forage whilst roaming the Somerset hills. We don't give our birds any additives, growth hormones or anything that will alter the way they will grow. It's all natural, nutrious and locally sourced.


Where are the birds reared?


How long are the birds outside for?

Our birds are let out of their houses every morning and are free to explore the countryside; the have constant access to fresh food and water throughout the day and night, as well as an array of insects, grass and other goodies that can be found amongst the fields. At sunset the birds will have made their own way back to their houses for a good night's sleep; our team will close up the hatches for protection from the fox.


Wht is game hanging important? 

We dry pluck our birds and leave them to mature fhanging for 10-14 days before preparing them for your roasting dish. This process is called 'game hanging', allowing the fat to marble and the meat to tenderise resulting in extremely tender and moist meat for melt-in-your-mouth deliciousness. This type of process is costly and can only be done by dry plucking and rearing the birds to maturity, ensuring that they have a hard layer of fat under the skin for depth of flavour. 


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We believe in the values which have been handed down through generations of family farms. Which we think helps produce healthy poultry & game that tastes great.