Born & bred to farm the best

Family Team

  • Stuart Perkins

    Stuart Perkins The Main Man

    Stu's interest in poultry stemmed from an unusual 6th birthday present of 12 chickens. A few years later and whilst studying at the Royal Agricultural College in Cirencester, Stuart raised a small number of birds with the help of his parents. Since graduating he has worked as a successful third-generation farmer at Castlemead, putting his all into the farm to produce the best free-range birds and eggs around.

  • Sofia Perkins

    Sofia Perkins Stuart's Wife

    Stuart's support team! Known as Fi, she's often found around the farm throwing a hand to whatever's needed when not working her own off-farm jobs.

  • Helen Perkins

    Helen Perkins Stuart's Mum

    Helen works tirelessly to make sure all our free-range eggs are graded, stamped and boxed. You'll often see her for a chat when popping by to buy our free-range eggs from the door.

  • Richard Nickless

    Richard Nickless Factory Manager & Technical Lead

    Rich is dedicated in helping Castlemead to produce top quality poultry. With a background as a chef, he is passionate about quality produce and works hard to maintain our high standards in the processing factory.

  • Laura Coombes

    Laura Coombes Packing Manager

    Laura oversees the packing team, making sure our produce is packed and dispatched efficiently and to the best standard possible. We're proud of what we produce, and Laura makes sure it goes out to customers looking and tasting it's best.

  • Gary Taylor

    Gary Taylor Cutting Supervisor

    Gary makes sure your chicken looks top-notch on arrival, supervising the butchering of each bird into breast, thigh, drumstick etc.

  • Patryk Rajm

    Patryk Rajm Dispatch Supervisor

    Patryk is responsible for making sure all orders are boxed, weighed and dispatched correctly.

  • Delivery Drivers

    Delivery Drivers Delivering Castlemead Poultry

    Our team of friendly delivery drivers consist of Dave, Callum and Dan. These crucial team members make sure our customers receive their orders on time and in great condition.

  • Gunner

    Gunner Good Boy

    Gunner is Castlemead's good-est boy and our number one meet and greeter for all visitors to the farm (unless distracted by snackos).

  • Sausage

    Sausage Chief mouser

    Castlemead's resident mouser, Sausage oversees pest control on the farm. Often found asleep on the job.

Quality Assured

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  • European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development
  • Food Standards Agency